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SafelistAdTrading's Featured Safelist Hosting

1) AdUp Hosting Services
AdUp Hosting Services prides itself in the excellent customer service it provides. With three safelist setup options, we meet the needs of every one. Featuring PHP ProSafelist Credits DX, you can now RUN a Professional CREDITS BASED or NORMAL Safelist Business. From $5.95 for Unlimited Members
Started Since :                            August 2004
Safelists Hosted till now :         100 Plus
2) SafelistSmart
SafelistSmart - Here to stay, so you can be too!Since 2001 SafelistSmart has provided the ultimate in reliable safelist hosting services and fast, fast support. Owner Mike Ingram believes the most important job of a safelist host is keeping your lists running fast and error free. And our list owners like it!Unlike most safelist hosts, the SafelistSmart ProList Pkg. gives you a free BOUNCE-FREE email account from safelist-mail.com, a free Admin email account, free banner rotations across our 900+ page network and up to a 10-meg website outside of your scripts; so YOU DON
Started Since :                            2001
Safelists Hosted till now :         75
3) ET's Safelist Hosting Co.
ET's Safelist Co. is a premier safelist host providing inexpensive and reliable service to internet marketers, as well as a free safelist directory featuring BBpro safelist script
Started Since :                            September 2005
Safelists Hosted till now :         Addicted To PoGo Safelist
4) Safelist-Biz.Com Safelist Hosting Service
Start Up Special Price $ 6.99 for Month No set up fees No Members Limit $ 199.00 value script PHP ProSafelistDx v.3.40 (free upgrade to latest versions) installed and Hosted on dedicated subdomain (your-safelist-name.safelist-biz.net) 2 POP3 Admin email box 5 MB each Pre-loaded Home Page (index.html) Pre-Loaded Html Main and Dedicated sections Tech and Html support for Safelist Customization All Tools needed for Email Marketing built in Emailbox Autocleaner,Ads Tracking,Banners Rotators and more......
Started Since :                            05/2004
Safelists Hosted till now :         52
5) Safelist ProX
Unlike others safelist companies we have developed our own safelist software and guarantee quality support! We Personally Guarantee More Features than ANY Other Safelist Solution! And your safelist hosting will be FREE for the first two months, plus FREE and fast setup(only 3 minutes).
Started Since :                            April, 2004
Safelists Hosted till now :         16
6) Go 4 Safelists
Run your own optin safelist. We provide the hosting and the program, you run it as the admin and keep all the profits. Our safelists are easy to setup and administer and as admin you have full control through an easy to use interface, between your browser and your admin area. Our safelists also come with a Clickbank storefront for extra income potential.
Started Since :                            2006
Safelists Hosted till now :         16
7) Safelists-r.us
Welcome to Safelists-r.us US Adopt a Safelists for only $2.00 per month Or you can start your Own Safelists for only $2.00 per month Click on the link below that says Join Free Now! Then you can setup your safelists! It's That Easy!
Started Since :                            Aug 2006
Safelists Hosted till now :         10
8) Marketers Voice Safelist Hosting
We are offering a free 10 meg & 50 meg mailbox with every safelist purchase.Only $4.95 per month! These are the awesome BBSafelistpro safelists with many great benefits including sponsor links,HTML or Text, Message preview, top sponsor ads . Get your safelist today.
Started Since :                            August
Safelists Hosted till now :         61
9) High Priority Safelist
Run your own "HighPriority Safelist" with us. We have 3 packages to choose from.Visit our site to sign up !We have paid to have our BBSafelist Pro Script updated to better benefit safelist owners. We have made it worry free and YOU are in control ,not bad emails and bouncers.:)We can also furnish one on one help with the design of your safelist and of course any support issues you may have ,almost 24/7. Join us Today!
Started Since :                            January 12,2005
Safelists Hosted till now :         21
10) Pay-Me.us Top Safelist Hosting
The latest safelist hosting company on the Net! Get into the Safelist business for yourself, today, without the huge investment and high maintenance costs! If you have not already discovered, Safelists are BIG business. To make any money on the Internet today you need a reliable email marketing system to send promotional material to other marketers without risking spam complaints. With our service there are NO scripts to install, NO creating databases, a built-in affiliate program and the ability to email your members anytime! Only $4.95 per month.
Started Since :                            10 Nov 2004
Safelists Hosted till now :         2
11) Safelist Hosting US
Welcome to Safelist Hosting US Adopt a Safelists for only $2.99 per month Or you can start your Own Safelists for only $2.99 per month Click on the link below that says Join Free Now! Then you can setup your safelists! It's That Easy!
Started Since :                            March 2006
Safelists Hosted till now :         55
12) SafelistServices.biz
SafelistServices.biz offers the Amazing bbSafelist Script! Admin Friendly, User Friendly, Ads sent in HTML or Test, Preview before send, Banner rotator, links page, sponsor links, email cleaners, Top Ad Rotator and SOO MUCH MORE! ONE PRICE FOREVER - UNLIMITED MEMBERS! We guarantee....Premium Service, Premium Script!
Started Since :                            July 2004
Safelists Hosted till now :         33
13) Sallee Webdesign Safelist Hosting
Sallee Webdesign Safelist Hosting offers an amazing deal. You get the safelist script, setup, and hosting, for just $2.00 per month. You also get unlimited members! (No more paying more once you reach more members!)
Started Since :                            December 2004
Safelists Hosted till now :         4
14) Palm Optins Safelist Hosting Services
We have everything you need to run a successful safelist business. We have many scripts to choose from, BB Safelist Pro, iSlist, PHP iSlist, PHP Safelist ScriptDX and more.... We won't be undersold, find it for less and we'll beat the price. We've been hosting safelists since 2001. You can also move your current list to over servers. You tried the rest and switch to the best.
Started Since :                            2001
Safelists Hosted till now :         149
15) Ebiz-4-All Webhosting Service
Possibly The Best Hosting Service Ever!! Start Your Own Safelist or Move Your existing list ! We Feature The Most "State Of The Art" Safelist Script Available Today!! THE PHPDx Ver3.40 Mention You saw this on Safelisttrading and receive our Normal 12.95 hosting account for just $7.99 a month plus FREE Setup! Free Support! Free Adblast To the Contact Address of All Our Members! To Be Successful You Need A List Now You Can have Your Own At an Incrediable price!
Started Since :                            2002
Safelists Hosted till now :         80
16) Safelist-Nation
Safelist-Nation is the safelist company who will host your safelist if you are looking for professional safelist services. We are using the most powerful PHPSafelistDX safelist script. You will receive the most recent version. And your safelist hosting will be FREE for the first two months.
Started Since :                            March 2003
Safelists Hosted till now :         150+

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